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Bail Bonds Service - Wilkes County, NC

AJS Bail Bonding provides affordable bail bonds service in Wilkes County, NC and the Counties surrounding Wilkesboro, NC. We provide bail bonds 24 hours a day to get you out of jail quickly. Many clients come to us first because our reputation confirms we are the fastest route to freedom.

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Bail Bonds Service

If you have a friend or family member in jail, visit AJS Bail Bond to start the paperwork process. We are licensed to offer four different kinds of bonds:

Cash • Felony Misdemeanor Surety

• Surety Bail Bonds: A private system of bail free of tax payer support, privately licensed bail agent post bond with the court guarantee the defendant's appearance. It is recognized by the state as the most effective bail system.

Cash Bonds: The defendant or someone on his/her behalf  must pay the court the full amount of the bail  in cash in order to be released for a small fee Ajs bail bonds take over that responsibility. 

The Process

Once you sit down with one of our employees, we will go to the jail to complete any legal paperwork on site. Our bond agent will take an affidavit showing that bail will be posted, and then the employee will deliver the bonded individual back to our office. If that individual goes to court on their scheduled date, there is nothing more that has to be paid. However, if the individual does not show up in court, the person who bailed them out has 150 days to pay the full bond to us or help us locate the individual.


We offer easy payment plans on large bonds and fees are negotiable. In addition, we make our terms affordable.

Franchise Opportunities

If you would like to start a bail bonds business, contact AJS Bail Bonding today. We offer franchise opportunities for businesspeople who want open their own company. Call us to learn more.

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